Metz Manta VHF antenna and 20m cable kit


Metz antenna/ 20m RG8X cable kit package.

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A Metz Manta VHF antenna together with a 20m, RG8X, cable kit.

Cable kit comprises 20m of marine quality, tinned, RG8X cable, one end fitted with a PL259 connector, a second PL259 connector supplied loose.

Antenna is the well known Metz Manta VHF antenna used by US and UK Safety and Rescue organisations and the round-the-world Clipper fleet:

Technical Specification Summary:

  • SWR is less than 1.2:1
  • ½ wavelength (3dBi gain, ideal for mast head applications)
  • Frequency range 156 – 163 MHz (Radio and AIS)
  • No ground plane needed
  • Weighs 8 ounces (225 grams)

This is a very high quality stainless steel marine antenna (aerial). It is ideal for masthead mounting due to low weight, stainless construction and UV resistance. This antenna is also suitable for deck level mounting where it will outperform a typical 54 inch fibreglass antenna (aerial).

The 34 inch (0.87m) 17-7ph stainless steel whip and body are durable, resistant to bird strikes and don’t suffer the rapid degradation that can occur with fibreglass antennas (aerials).