DSC/ General coverage antenna


HF receive only antenna

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DSC/General coverage antenna

This receive-only whip antenna covers the frequencies 2 – 30 Mhz.

It is used as the receiving antenna for the DSC signal for HF radio transmitters such as the ICOM 801/2 and for receiving broadcasts in the HF, 2-30 Mhz range.

 (Rail mount bracket not included)

Top quality stainless body and 54” (1.37m) whip.

Stainless Steel 17-7ph Whip, Stainless Steel Housing, Nickel Plated Brass Whip Post, Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket, UV resistant Cap, All connections soldered, Compression Whip retainer, 8 oz total weight, Coax Connector

Lifetime Warranty on antenna coil

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range – 2-30 Mhz, Whip length 54 inches, No ground plane required

There is occasionally some confusion over the DSC application for SSB; this email from ICOM should clarify:

In order for DSC to work with the M-802, you must have the DSC-receive antenna connected. This is the only way that the radio will be able to receive DSC signals since it is a class D DSC radio. You can use a Metz DSC/General coverage antenna or any SSB whip antenna to connect to the receive port. Without this antenna, you will still be able to transmit a distress call, however, the radio will never hear an acknowledgement nor would you be able to hear someone else in distress and come to their aid. Hope this will help.

Best Regards;

Technical Support Representative

ICOM America, Inc.
2380 116th Ave.NE
Bellevue, WA98004